In the war-torn land of South Sudan stands a beacon of hope. The Mission Gardens of Christ (MGC), the dream of Pastor Stephen Mathiang, represents the power and hope of Jesus to resurrect life and restore hearts. The MGC exists as a true light in the darkness in the undeveloped land of South Sudan, functioning as a training facility for pastors and missionaries as well as a school for adolescents.

"Stephen’s story is remarkable. In a time of war, God supernaturally provided him with the opportunity to receive his education at Daystar University in Nairobi. He received a degree in business, a Master of Divinity and a doctorate in leadership. Returning to his country ravaged by war, he founded a nonprofit called Church and Development. Stephen began drilling wells to provide safe drinking water, building schools and training church leaders.  He then had the vision for a training center that would equip pastors and church planters, educate children and youth, and provide vocational skills, a children’s home for the abandoned and a health clinic. Stephen started The Mission Gardens of Christ. The MGC represents the hope and power of Jesus to resurrect life and restore hearts. It is a light shining in the darkness of undeveloped South Sudan.

For the last six years, Pastor Stephen has been faithfully constructing The Mission Gardens of Christ. Though the challenges and setbacks have been many, today stands classrooms, a dining hall, dorms, a library and an office building.

In addition to the ongoing pastors’ training, Pastor Stephen hopes to open the doors of an elementary school (kindergarten through third grade) in early 2016. Shortly thereafter, training in agriculture and sewing will provide not only food and clothes for the school children and pastors in training, but also teach job skills. Because of the war and civil fighting, more and more children are displaced, burdening Pastor Stephen to start a children’s home in the near future." - Pastor Greg St. Cyr, from Go & Make Magazine

This October, No Greater Commission is traveling to The Mission Gardens of Christ! During the course of the trip, our team will:

  • Purchase and deliver two 4x4 Trucks
  • Purchase and deliver 4 Motorcycles
  • Purchase tools for the maintenance of the vehicles
  • Teach the workers of MGC how to perform vehicle maintenance
  • Hold a Pastor's Conference for MGC and surrounding churches
  • Hold a Women's Conference for MGC and surrounding area

Support needed for this mission: $130K

We ask for prayers and donations to help further the effort in South Sudan. No Greater Commission is a 501(c)(3); all donations are tax deductible.  Upon receipt of your donation, No Greater Commission will send a donation receipt to the email provided.